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Welcome to the Little Caesers!

This fabulous clan is run by our legendary leader Omar. They call him the Big O.
Omar is currently on a break so the leadership has been passed on to our Joint Chiefs of Staff; Mrshy, Stutattoo, Little_trouble and Captain.

Be active and donate, respect other members and read the rules below!
Our goal is to have a great time! Join us now!
We also have a feeder clan called Caesers Minions

Clash_GoblinKing - Kopia
** – Rules – **

Here are the recommendations that we would like all our members to consider and respect.

  1. Troops are a gift! It’s free, be happy about it! (No WBs or Gobs unless asked for)
    When pushing cups – Please read the request message and respect it. Ask if not sure. After all, we are all in the same boat.
    When farming – No begging for specific troops, no complaining about giants, no drama.

  2. Always try to donate the best you can and try to keep a min 1:3 ratio. This is what Caesers is all about. We got each others back.
  3. Recruitment guide: 2 stars minimum on the Friend in Need Achievement. Check new players Profile before accepting. Loyalty before level. Use your judgment.
  4. Don’t ask for Elder. One day you’ll wake up and notice you have been Eldered weeks ago. Eldering is done by a vote among Senior Elders. Always check with them before promoting anyone.

Top Ten!
Monday March 19th, 09:00 am (CET)
2014-03-19 08.57.52

Monday Nov 18th, 06:00 pm (CET)
2013-11-18 07.04.49


Tuesday March 19th 09:00 am (CET)


Total points: 19878
Members:        40/50
Top Clans rank:   5861  All-Time High: 833

Top Donator List
14th Oct - Bro Town – 2773
29th Sept – DJQuikSilva - 6400
15th Sept – Bro Town - 4800
2nd Sept – Big Poppa Smurf - 2100ish
19th Aug – Ian – 1477
4th Aug – Quarck – 2422
21st July – Captain – xxxx
18th Feb – Omar – 4082


16 thoughts on “About & Top 10

  1. MrShy
    Thx all for all the great comments!!! It feels great that u guys like the idea. Please send in any ideas u might have about the site and stuff we should have on it. HAIL CAESERS!
  2. WellHung
    I can say this is the first I have been on the site. Not too shabby. Good job shy. I coulda done better but I’ll let u have this one lol. Thanks shy for all you’ve done.
  3. Z
    Tomorrows Poll: I hate maintenance breaks! I really hate maintenance breaks! I really really hate maintenance breaks! I live in China, what’s a maintenance break?

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