And the winner is…….


Our Lets have some fun contest on getting closest to How many trophy’s will the clan hit? is up. Here is the list with all the bets that we set before the push:

Quarck – 22.000 and 13 crystal and two masters
Mrshy – 21.100 and 21 crystal.
bro town – 20.456 and we should have over 27 cyrastle:)
Stu – 22.000
Z – 22.001 and 25 crystal or better. We have the potential for 35 crystals.
Ian – 21.550 and 27 crystal
Captain – 21.899 cups and 24 crystal members
DJQuikSilva – 22.250, 4 (M) 30 (C)

And the final score is:
21.861 trophy’s 3 masters, 16 crystals, 29 gold and 1 silver.

So captain my captain, hats of to you. You Never Caese to Amaze Us.

New Feeder Clan!

HAIL All Caesers!

We have now started our brand new and fresh feeder called Caesers Minions. Our old feeder called Little Caesers2 is going to be dissolved.

If you are a member of LC2 please jump over to the new Caesers Minions and we will take
care of you.





Omar saves the day!

We finally got hold off Omar and he did the great thing of passing leadership to a Senior Elder.
We are now under total control again! Omar, respect. That was very big of you.

We have plans for the leadership to be rotated between our most oldest and active elders.
Stutattoo, Mrshy and Z. More info coming soon.