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Supercells own community forums:

Top Tips from our Zen Master Z:
Must read for all basic knowledge of C of C!

Reddit C of C. Great community.

How is my base? A list of bases sorted by town hall level.

Hot tip: Wall breakers + Rage spell will bust through massive walls. Good to know as they are usually the least defended.

Watch a Jorge Yao attack! … so that’s how he does it!
(11 drags & 3 lightning spells)

notes: he takes out the anti-aircraft missiles with the spell, then takes out the gold storage. He also chooses a person where the X-bow is set on ground troops only.
(you can tell by the angle of the X-bow.)

Clan Ranking
Oh Snap! Say you want to calculate how our clan score is tallied? Well, I have a handy-dandy table that shows you how you affect the clan score!

Rank in Clan % of Trophies that Count Towards Score
1-10 50%
11-20 25%
21-30 12%
31-40 10%
41-50 3%

Hi Caesers, as our clan gets older and more wise, I thought it prudent to find a TH9 strategy guide for us. There aren’t many good ones out there as most guides are geared toward TH1-8 so here you go!

Happy Hunting,

TH9 Base design 101.

Base design strategy guide!!! Great tool.

Hey Z, how do wall breakers work and how can I redesign my base to defend them?
– Watch and learn, young padiwan…

Mr Z. found some 10 More Clash of Clans Strategies, Tactics, and Tricks. Enjoy!

Sub-200 cup farming, posted by Zen Master Z:

Base Editor!


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