Version 5.64 – 6th November 2013 “Trap Upgrades”


Reworked traps

✔ Sick of puny bombs? Upgrade all of your explosive traps to blow up your foes big time!

✔ Even sicker of constantly replacing your traps? Traps now stay put after use, and can be fully re-armed with a single button!

✔ Level 1 Giant Bomb is now much cheaper, though with a slightly decreased damage radius that can be upgraded


✔ Bomb and Giant Bomb explode faster after being triggered

✔ Seeking Air Mine and Air Bomb trigger radius has been decreased

✔ Seeking Air Mines now cost Gold instead of Dark Elixir

Tier 1 terror in Town Hall 10

✔ Level 12 Archer Towers: stylish, deadly and oh so sharp


✔ Level 6 Goblins: never forget your wallet again, nor anyone else’s


Unquenchable spells

✔ Get your spells in a snap! Spell factory boosting is now only 20 gems for 4 hours of boosting

✔ Spells are now created with Elixir instead of Gold


Clan and Interface improvements

✔ Players who are kicked out of or rejected from clans are automatically banned from that clan for 24 hours


✔ Tapping the active tab in the Inbox, Chat, Clan, Leaderboard, League or Search view will automatically scroll it to the top

Balance tweaks

✔ Slightly increased hitpoints for level 4 Dragon

✔ Slightly increased hitpoints and damage for level 6 Giant and level 4 P.E.K.K.A

✔ Slightly decreased hitpoints for Hog Riders

✔ Upgrade time reduced for most Archer Tower and Wizard Tower levels

Version 5.2 – 30th September 2013 “Village Edit Mode”

Clash of Clans now officially supports iOS 7.

Brand new village edit mode

  • Clear the clutter! Pick up all buildings and Walls at once and design your village from a clean slate.
  • Quick and precise building placement by dragging from inventory.
  • Place many Walls at once by selecting a wall piece, then dragging along the wall guide markers.
  • Edit Mode is unlocked after you reach Town Hall level 4.

Halloween scares

  • Can you find all the tricks and treats? You might be shocked!
  • Boogeymen at work: for a time, Spell Factory boosting is vastly longer and for only 1 gem!

Mortar mayhem

  • Pummel your foes with the level 8 Mortar.
    SneakPeaks Mortar8

Clan improvements

  • New troop request indicator in Clan chat: tap the indicator to scroll down to the latest pending troop request.
  • Changed Elder Kick cooldown to be 20 minutes.

Balance tweaks

  • Increased Valkyrie‘s attack damage (all levels).
  • Increased hitpoints & damage of level 6 Giant.
  • Increased hitpoints and heal of Healer (levels 3 and 4).
  • Slightly decreased hitpoints of Hog Rider (all levels).

Many smaller fixes and tweaks!

Version 4.120 – 27th August 2013 “Player Profile”

Brand new Player Profile feature

  • See XP level, league badge and trophy count all in one place.
  • Includes achievement progress, clan status, league wins and troop donations.

Hog Rider rework!

  • The new and improved Hog Rider now targets defenses, allowing new Hog Rider tactics.
  • Damage increased: the Hog Rider now packs a heavier punch with his sledge hammer!
  • Hogs now have personal trainers to get them in jumping shape, reducing Hog Rider training time.

New spell, unit and building levels

New clan features

  • Trophy requirement to join a clan can now be up to 3,600 trophies.
  • Added cooldown for Elders kicking out Clan Members

Three of the most challenging, most rewarding achievements yet!

  • League All-Star: push your league progress to the limit and earn our highest ever gem rewards!
  • X-Bow Exterminator: earn gems for taking out those pesky X-Bows.
  • Firefighter: destroy the dreaded Inferno Towers and get handsomely rewarded.

Interface Improvements:

  • Replay sharing improved: shared replays now show loot, trophies and can include a custom message.
  • Achievement progress is now tracked even after an achievement is fully completed.
  • Info screen added for secondary units (Skeleton and Golemite).
  • Chat can be scrolled all the way to the top by clicking on the tab above it.

Game Balance

Many smaller fixes and tweaks!

[Taken from the v4.120 update item on the Supercell announcements forum.]

Hidden Changes:


2013-08-26 – New Update coming any day! Here are the sneak peeks.

Coming Soon! Wizard Level 6, now with more “fire” power! What do you think of his sweet, stylish robes?

Sneak peek #1: Wizard Level 6:
Sneak peek #1A: Wizard Build Time 10>8 minutes



You asked for it, you got it! Coming soon: Replay sharing is getting a major power up! How do you like the blue button?

Sneak Peek #2A: Replay Cool down Glitch FIXED!!!
Sneak Peek #2: Replay Sharing POWER UP!!!



Chief, what do these three things have in common? League All-Star, Firefighter and X-Bow Exterminator. Yes, they’re new Achievements!

Sneak Peek #3: Three new Achievements
Sneak Peek #3A: Total worth 4900 gems


Big news Chief: League Reward Increase coming soon! Plus a dark secret to boot! Isn’t more loot the best???

Sneak Peek #4: League Reward Increase!!!
Sneak Peek #4A: Besides the gold/elixir shown in the graphic, there are some Dark Elixir increases made as well!


Version 4.74 – 29th July 2013 “The Witch”

  • New unit: the Witch! Skilled in the dark art of necromancy, the Witch reanimates the skeletons of dead warriors. Commanding her undead horde, she’s a fearsome sight in battle!
  • Dark Barracks level 5 upgrade available, unlocks the Witch
  • Knock down immovable objects with the unstoppable force of level 6 Wall Breaker!
  • Share your coolest battle replays with your clan members in clan chat!
  • You can now temporarily mute a player in global chat. Their messages won’t be displayed on your screen
  • Top Players leaderboard now displays “Attacks Won” and “Defenses Won” statistics, similarly to League rankings
  • Your opponent’s name and clan are now visible during a replay
  • Decreased Hog Rider‘s housing space requirement from 6 to 5
  • Increased Valkyrie‘s attack damage (all levels)
  • Decreased Valkyrie‘s training cost (levels 1, 2 and 3)
  • Decreased the upgrade cost of Dark Barracks (levels 2, 3 and 4)
  • Many other small tweaks and fixes

Version 4.14 – 23rd May 2013 “Town Hall 10 – the Fiery Fortress”

Introducing Town Hall level 10 – the Fiery Fortress
Brand new defensive building: Inferno Tower!

  • The Inferno Tower shoots a jet of flame that burns through even the thickest armor
  • The flame takes a while to heat up, making it most effective against the biggest and baddest troops
  • Stop Heroes, P.E.K.K.As and Golems in their tracks, and shoot Dragons out of the sky!
  • Be careful: the Inferno Tower can be overwhelmed by a swarm of smaller targets

Unlock powerful new upgrades with Town Hall level 10:
Town Hall lvl 10 SP 17052013

Attack log and replays!

  • Watch replays of your attacks
  • See a log of your attack history with a record of loot and trophies captured
  • Show your most dominant victories to friends and family
  • Analyze your toughest fights and improve your skills

Level 8 Laboratory: better, faster and stronger than ever!

  • Unleash the ancient Red Dragon (Dragon level 4)
  • Rock on with Golem level 5
  • Support the troops with Healer level 4
    Dragon The New Appearance SP 20052013

Interface improvements

  • Chinese language setting is now available
  • Hugely expanded keyboard support. Write in any language!
  • Smileys and other emoji characters supported in chat! Add the special Emoji keyboard in your device settings (General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard).
  • Quickly browse through Barracks, Dark Barracks and Spell Factory screens by tapping arrows
  • Number of clan troops received is now shown in addition to the number of troops donated
  • The center of your village is now marked with a plaque
  • Personal breaks enforced for players who stay continuously in-game for very long periods of time

Balance tweaks

  • Decreased Healer‘s housing space requirement, training time and training cost
  • Decreased Heroes‘ upgrade times, regeneration times and upgrade costs on some levels
  • Decreased training cost of Golem on level 2, 3 and 4
  • Decreased cost of Town Hall level 9 upgrade
  • Decreased cost of Laboratory upgrade to level 5, 6 and 7
  • Decreased cost of X-Bow upgrade to level 2 and 3
  • Decreased cost of Air Defense upgrade to level 7
  • Decreased cost of Dark Elixir Drill upgrade

Also many small bug fixes and tweaks!

[Taken from the Supercell forum.]


17th April 2013 “Leagues” – Version 3.124

Introducing Leagues: compete in your own division!

SneakPeek - League Levels

  • Joining a League is easy: just own 400 trophies or more!
  • Get a Loot Bonus out of every victory just from being in a League!
  • Loot Bonus increases the higher you climb in the Leagues
  • If demoted from Bronze III, you lose any league ranking

League levels

Level Trophy Range Demotion if below Promotion if above Win Bonus Gold Win Bonus Elixir Win Bonus Dark elixir
Bronze III BronzeIII 400 – 499 300 500 400 400 N/A
Bronze II BronzeII 500 – 599 450 600 500 500 N/A
Bronze I BronzeI 600 – 799 550 800 750 750 N/A
Silver III SilverIII 800 – 999 700 1,000 1,100 1,100 N/A
Silver II SilverII 1,000 – 1,199 900 1,200 1,700 1,700 N/A
Silver I SilverI 1,200 – 1,399 1,100 1,400 2,500 2,500 N/A
Gold III GoldIII 1,400 – 1,599 1,300 1,600 3,800 3,800 N/A
Gold II GoldII 1,600 – 1,799 1,500 1,800 5,700 5,700 N/A
Gold I GoldI 1,800 – 1,999 1,700 2,000 8,500 8,500 N/A
Crystal III CrystalIII 2,000 – 2,199 1,900 2,200 13,000 13,000 N/A
Crystal II CrystalII 2,200 – 2,399 2,100 2,400 19,000 19,000 100
Crystal I CrystalI 2,400 – 2,599 2,300 2,600 29,000 29,000 200
Master III MasterIII 2,600 – 2,799 2,500 2,800 43,000 43,000 300
Master II MasterII 2,800 – 2,999 2,700 3,000 65,000 65,000 400
Master I MasterI 3,000 – 3,199 2,900 3,200 80,000 80,000 500
Champion ChampionZero 3,200+ 3,100 N/A 100,000 100,000 600

New unit, defenses and building upgrades

536252 586466501377677 253301650 n

Clan improvements

  • Clan Leader is now able to send messages directly to Clan Members’ inboxes
  • Chat message formatting overhauled
  • Clan tournament length increased to two weeks, reward doubled
  • Troop donation statistics now reset every other week
  • Clan troop donation information is now visible to all players, not just Clan members

Usability improvements

  • If Clan Castle has space for more troops, “Request” message displayed on top of it
  • Added option for rotating a Wall section
  • Added confirmation dialog when speeding up unit and spell upgrades
  • Attack notification improved for players playing with multiple devices

Balance tweaks

  • The percentage of loot that can be stolen from Gold Storage and Elixir Storage was decreased to make it easier for newer players to save up resources. The maximum possible amount of loot remains the same.
  • Upgrade times for Hog Rider, Minion, and Valkyrie decreased
  • Air Bomb explosion radius decreased
  • Level 5 Minion hitpoints decreased
  • Hidden Tesla trigger radius increased
  • Gold Mine, Elixir Pump and Dark Barracks upgrade times reduced
  • Spells are now much faster to create
  • Balloons explode and deal additional damage when destroyed
  • Wall Breaker behavior improved
  • Mortar and Wizard Tower don’t restart their attack cycle if their would-be target is destroyed, instead they switch targets
  • Clan Castle troops deploy faster to the battlefield
  • When your village is under attack from flying units only, your melee troops will stay inside the Clan Castle

Possible Updates

Some of the more frequent ideas which have not been ruled out by Supercell:

  • Clan vs Clan wars
  • Dueling arena/Challenge battles/Simulator/Sandbox (Attack friends)
  • Improve in-game communication
  • Online/Last online status
  • Easier way to rearrange/readjust village
  • Village construction mode / saving layouts
  • Player search function
  • Blacklist/Ban specific users from your own clan
  • Automated reinforcement requests/trap-bomb replacement upon successful defense
  • Specific troop type reinforcement requests and/or ability to release certain reinforcements
  • Way to turn on all range circles at once to check for max overlap/weak areas
  • Add a 2nd radius circle on Hidden Tesla for the trigger range
  • Ability to rearrange barracks troop queue without removing/re-adding
  • Add an attack battle log similar to defense battle log

These ideas have not been ruled out by Supercell, but are NOT scheduled to be worked on at this time:

  • More leadership roles/tiers
  • Dueling Arena/Challenge Battles/Simulator/Sandbox
  • Increase clan size to 100
  • Customizable clan flag/symbol
  • Save attack replays as well as defense
  • More automation/control over troop builds (build to order/unlimited production for example)
  • Increase replay duration beyond last 4 – at least since last logon, perhaps last 2 days

Impossible Updates

These ideas have been ruled out (or negated or cancelled) by Supercell.

  • Ability to change village name
  • Player search feature
  • Donating resources or gems to other players
  • An exchange building to convert elixir to gold and vice-versa
  • Assigning multiple builders to one build/upgrade

Previous Updates

Ideas from users that have been implemented:

  • Defense replays
  • Army Camp troops surviving battles
  • Message displaying when someone leaves/is kicked from clan
  • Trophy limits on clan applications
  • Gem usage confirmation
  • Small shields after maintenance and disconnects
  • Many of the combat balances are due to user input
  • Matchmaking queue
  • Army Camp storage managed as a whole instead of per camp
  • Barracks queue information
  • Clan Search
  • Global chat moderation
  • Trophies to be lost in match screen
  • Broader range of trophies available to be won per match
  • Troop donation statistics
  • Add a notification for Army Camps full

See Version History for full details of what was released when.

Android Version

Supercell is focusing on updating Clash of clans ios version and have not intention of making an android version of the game.


[Source: Clash of Clans Wiki]