Banned List

Here we post all know Clan hoppers or other players that joined our clan but got kicked or left due to different reasons. Or as we like to call it, our List of Fame.

sport_ninja87 Banned for being an ass
 $.3bood Banned for bad manors and rude requests
 P****** We do not say his name, but his banned for life
 Dakota1222 Banned for bad manors and rude requests
 chucky Dude is a hopper
 YYY Dude is a knob
haruharuma11 Dude is a little bitch
devildogdaddy Hopper
sidp Douchebag
nbernhardt Keeps trying to join…repeatedly
George Cuz his “previous clan was better”
Chipmunk4269 Clan hopper
Conman Clan hopper and we don’t like the name
kristopher Hopper
Tahir Bad language and the rest is censored (something about a horse….)
Tobester sykes Just keeps requesting, never donates … Troop Whore
Jackson Because we “suck balls”
mchronis Leecher
Zach69 Left like a little bitch because he wanted elder
Jacob Clan hopper
Sir Trotter Clan hopper
tyv35 Remember Z?? U got the foot!
Skoretz Hopper
Luke_robbins Too insecure with his own sexuality.
jr Swith the witch
bomba cuz he from “mothers stomach”
skar11 kicker (level 72) both came from clan ~lil faith~
will m kicker (level 72) both came from clan ~lil faith~
steelers1786 leaves and starts a clan “hot n ready” plus, he cant say more than one word. Suspect he is mal-evolved.
pope Mouth full of soap
Carter vill grab n go hopper
finneorro tried to recruit caesers for his own startup.
imgur Troop Whore
Matt Not a Caesers material
zamir1132 hopper
mcarrick6 Cereal hopper
-_-Ynot-_- dude is a kicker and has a “friend” who wants to join.
alecaj2069 douchenozzle who requested and bailed. See you next tuesday!
WarlordJHW clan hopper – has a clan called crystal barons
junAid Shared Leader of the crystal barons
Bat Guy ;) Shared Leader of the crystal barons
mattyice31 Dudes language skills cant be even explained here. Douchenozzle.
Kylnicol disrespectful
Max disrespectful
chino disrespectful
buggy1234 Trollers
T-coc7 Trollers
Darcy Trollers
Taco cop Troller that invited the mental bunch
Castagz Requested and immediately left. douchenozzle GEMMER!
buzz “good troops or I’m gonna leave” – just like a fuckin toddler.
seokjoon Can’t take rejection like anything but a teenage drama queen
{men2a} Requesting troops AND minimum level…. Abracadabra and POOF!!!
bailey Can’t be trusted, jumps in and out then starts Aussies only clan
pinzzz8 Tried to recruit using us as a honeypot
…larrrr……i Doesn’t appreciate open arms into a clan he is lucky to get into
King Thomas Requests and bounces… Bad form.
ike – (lev 64) Requested and left us. Knows he’s not good enuf.
albert Requests and bounces… Bad form and FAG.
Simple_Tom A simpleton who req and leaves
reesethe3rd req and hopped in Caesers Minions
ZSaamb feeder hopper & gob donator
avy66 Got his ass banned

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