Lets have some fun :o)

Next Cup run starts September 16th. Last run stopped at 18.586 trophy’s.
So to keep the tension off the poor iOS devices lets have some fun.
All you need to do to participate is to send in a comment and guess one number.
1. How many trophy’s will the clan hit? – Be specific like 21.500 or 21.100 not just 21k.
It will make it easer to pick a winner if two people guess exactly the same number.

Every day the new comments will be posted here and all numbers presented in that order.
Remember, when u post a comment for the first time it needs to be moderated by me first. After that its automatically posted by the site.


Quarck – 22.000 and 13 crystal and two masters
Mrshy – 21.100 and 21 crystal.
bro town – 20.456 and we should have over 27 cyrastle:)
Stu – 22.000 - need to pick a new number, taken
Z – 22.001 and 25 crystal or better. We have the potential for 35 crystals.
Ian – 21.550 and 27 crystal
Captain – 21.899 cups and 24 crystal members
DJQuikSilva – 22.250, 4 (M) 30 (C)


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