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Update CLAN WARS!!!


Clan wars! The biggest update in Clash history is here!

✔ Fight clan versus clan in strategic showdowns full of bonus loot!

✔ Fill your clan’s War Log with the details of each epic fight!

✔ Participate in clan wars at no risk to your resources, shield or trophies.

✔ Battle for two new achievements: War Hero and Spoils of War!

Clan castle renovation

✔ Rally huge clan support with Clan Castle level 6!

✔ Clan Castles now protect war loot payouts and are lootable in battle!

✔ Higher level Clan Castles hold more loot. Collect it whenever you like!

✔ Surprise! Only clan members can see what troops are hiding in the Clan Castle.

Gem overgrowth is BACK

✔ The Gem Box is back so keep an eye out for these mysterious boxes packed with gems!

✔ All Gem Boxes will now give more gems than the original ones. We’re sorry for the long wait!

Interface and Player Support improvements

✔ If you’re not in a League, your attacks won / defenses won statistics will not be shown.

✔ Confirmation button added to Global chat reporting. Report responsibly, Chief!

✔ New Help Center is now available! The first version is in English and you can find it under Settings -> Help and Support -> More Help.

Balance tweaks

✔ Decreased the cost of the Clan Castle level 5 upgrade

✔ Slightly increased HP of level 8 Laboratory

Many more bug fixes, tweaks and performance improvements

And it’s farm time!

The push is over!
Well we jumped in total 14.436 places in ranking so we did good.
Its sweet to see all the loyal members to come together and join the Push.
Check the screens/stats (before and after) here.

Day 1: Points 17.574, Rank 18.125
Halftime: Points 19.878, Rank 5.861
Best scores: Points 21.031, Rank 3.689
Final scores: Points 21.025, Rank 3.749



One more week – PUSH – then SMACKTIME!


Well, not every member is into this Push thing that we do so… lets keep it simple.
We will push for one more week and everybody gets a second chance to participate.

After that Captain is going bananas and its SMACK time!

Keep up the great work everybody!!!
You can check out the screens and scores here.

fun art2


And the numbers are in…


The push is over, the numbers are:

Before Scores: Points 17.646, Rank 9.346
Best scores: Points 19.620, Rank 3.819
Final scores: Points 19.420, Rank 5.021
Well its not our best but we gave it a try. We are gonna farm now for 3-4 weeks and then do a final push of the year. Check the screens/stats (before and after) here.


Time to Wake Up!

Ok Farming Joe, time for slacking is OVER!

It has been toooooo long since we had some action around here and this period gave us some
great time to upgrade. I would say that its time to get everybody pumped again. So what say you guys, how bout starting a new push next Monday on the 11th of November?

Did i hear a YEY??